Thursday, September 12, 2019

‘Out To Get You’! Story 6: ‘The Crossing’

I’m posting one original artwork a day for all 13 stories in ‘Out To Get You’ PLUS the extra story that you get FREE when you order the book (*while swag stocks last!) 

This one (day 6) is ink and pencil and contains the only bits of ‘non-organic’ matter, in the form of some bits made in Procreate.

It’s for the story ‘The Crossing’: 

“For a week, the sign had been beckoning him. It had started when it had shown him a boy in front. Even now he felt sign coaxing him nearer and nearer.


But he couldn’t stop him himself. He had to touch the sign. It was all so strange. He just had to. 

So pushing past his fear, he reached up and pressed a finger to the girl’s tiny, reaching hand...”

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies,

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