Friday, April 23, 2010


A new cover for New Scientist on a subject close to my heart. A chance to draw as many insects, animals, birds and flora as I fancied! The article's an absorbing read too. However I have excellent books on all those things except the animals: I need a REALLY good, 90% visual guide to 'all the animals in the world'...can anyone suggest one? Google's great but I prefer books for getting legs and ears correct!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Shopping!

Just to let you know there are some fresh gubbins added to the Factoryroad Shop, which stocks not only Inkymole's goodies but items by co-conspirator Solo One and our record label Blunt Force Trauma as well. Records, stickers, prints, t shirts, jewellery, stationery and some lovely spring tote bags (featured in a new book by Jitesh Patel about...erm...tote bags!)

Whether you want to spend 50p or £25, there's a small something-or-other in stock. More to come later in the year. Yeah. We have plans.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My First Ever Jobs. No. 1 In A Series: Cliff.

This is a series I hoped to start ages ago. But I was so busy doing my 'Most Recent Ever Jobs' that I've not, till now.

This is the first job I did for a commercial client. I was not even a full term into my second year at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and was on a self-directed work placement at a design company in the Midlands. I had to design Cliff Richard's tour shirts, and even then, my 'skill' for typography and its commercial application was recognised, as I was asked to do Cliff's signature. Since I had no idea how Cliff signs his cheques - and I told them so - they just said 'oh that doesn't matter, just fudge it.' So I did. The red insignia is meant to be a C and an R...more like a G, or the bottom half of a treble clef I think, but they loved it, and it sold in thousands on his tour.

This one's up for grabs as the ongoing space-clearing continues. It's a Large. Surprisingly, never worn. Anyone a closet Cliff fan, or know someone who is? Hey woah come on now, easy! Not all of you at once!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Never mind that, we're all about to be turned into one giant pixel.

Remember I said I love looking at things that make me feel dim? Sort of the 'must-try-harder' syndrome?
Well this one's a 100% organic-prime-beef example.

Made by French director Patrick Jean, this scales up all those bleepy munch-munch sounds of 80s video games and shoves them in the direction of New York, where they proceed to invade the city. There can, of course, be only one conclusion.

Soundtrack here by our man in Berlin, Bazooka, of Aural Carnage Records and Sub-Carnage Records, whose second 12" 'Knowledge and Wisdom' we re-released because we loved it so much.

It's great to see such a perfect hook-up of sound and vision.



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