Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here's my note, Miss

To borrow unashamedly the format of my friend and fellow illustrator Jill Calder (, whose work you need to feast your eyes on if you haven't already, here's a list of excuses for the one month radio silence! Hot damn, it's been a busy month, and blogging's taken a back seat to these little fellas:
- 5 book covers plus a cover re-design
- a dps for Renault F1 team
- a Christmas catalogue for an American client (deck the halls ALREADY!)
- a teatowel design
- planning our ground floor studio extension - no doubt more on that later - with a real live architect!
- painting the house front and back, which involves covering the previous owner's aesthetically-challenged render (it has taken weeks, many brushes, scaffold hire and a large chunk of our patience)
- entering the Images, Society Of Illustrators LA and Altpick competitions
- designing new 6x9 postcards with new photos by Anthony Saint James *future blog*
- making the next tattoos (2 in a series)
- mailing out 750 mini-promo items
- working out the Hallowe'en and Christmas projects
- making a brand new folio for Matthew, super-charged NY Agent, for his trip to San Fran
- seeing the Klimt exhibition at the Tate Liverpool
- learning to roller skate again on proper grown-up ones, and falling over
- buying proper made-in-the-UK running shoes
- phew...
- making vegan egg custards - and OMG, yummy:
- chocolate cake with mint chocolate ganache.

I hope you can let me off.


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