Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kingsley, April and Tom Are Ten Years Old.

The Design Conspiracy are ten years old this year, and are spending the year partying! Well, they spent one Wednesday night partying at least; with ten pieces of artwork to celebrate, one from each of their mates, some bowls of my favourite chickpea-coloured mush hummus, and some pop and jelly.

Kingsley, April, Tom and the late Ben (he left actually, I realise that sounded very grim and possibly libellous) set up TDC a decade ago, from their humble quarters at Garden Studios in Holborn, to their own studios and gallery space now in Stukeley Street, Covent Garden. They were some of the earliest people to trust me with a proper advertising job, and I've done bits and bobs for them ever since - selection below. They're all from the North (April's from Loughborough, which is sort of The Middle), so I understand their accents, and they understand mine. And every time I see them, I know I can flop down in a chair, talk about anything from pies to serifs to home-made 'specialist' films*, and it's all in the course of a weekday discussion at TDC.

And they've now been drawing for clients like Sainsbury's, Sodexo, Jemma Kidd and 3 Mobile for ten years. Where's that time gone, then? I picked 2006 as my year to illustrate, since it not only had real significance for me but it had some whopping news stories too that I was completely gripped by.

Ahh...I like posting new things, but there's nothing like a bit of reminiscing too. Kingsley, April and Tom: here's to you, my friends in the big noisy town.

*that isn't a randomly-generated item: there is a story attached.

1 of 10 illustrations, 2005, for Sodexo...

The 12 Days of Christmas...2006

3 Mobile, 2007...

The TDC's new gallery window, 2008...

The Gang.

Happy Birthday...



A selection of other ten pieces...

The Design Conspiracy

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little something for the weekend?

In time for the last few hours of Valentine's Day, I've just received the final copies of the ads I worked on for KY's ads shown on VH1 this Valentine's weekend.

One or two little tweaks were made to the final art used, but these are some of the original drawings, including the Inkymoled VH1 logo (not used, probably due to its fine detail) all of which were created super-fast in fineliner and ink, and animated by the team at VH1. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Design Conspiracy are 10 years old on 2nd February 2011.

I'm very fond of the TDC gang - Kingsley, Tom and April - and have contributed a special piece of work to this show, entirely hand-drawn and just 10" square.

They're inviting people to come and celebrate their birthday with them at 12 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LQ, from 6pm.

There will be drinks and nibbles and an exhibition of specially commissioned works by me and other people they've collaborated with over the last 10 years.

Fancy going?

RSVP to April at -
020 7405 0875

If you can't make the opening night, worry not, the show will be up for a while.


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