Friday, June 29, 2012


Today's work was interrupted, thrillingly, by frozen rocks chucked from the sky looking like cryogenic alien eggs and a month's rain falling in ten minutes. The sky darkened like a thumped eye, the temperature rose then fell, and to a soundtrack of rolling looped thunder like a locked groove, the back doors and top floor windows blew open all at the same time, sucking the horizontal rain in. (YouTube is full of films - just Google 'Hinckley Storm June 28th').

Nature's strop created the most interesting remix of one of my illustrations. The Brothers Grimm would probably like what happened to the cover, from earlier this year, of their story collection.

Could I create this look on purpose? I doubt it. Nomoco might be able to. But I fancy the idea of collaborating with some emotional weather again. Parts in the post.


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