Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grandma's Tree

This is Grandma's tree, which always comes out of the loft fully-decorated and ready to rock, with decorations dating back to the sixties combined with modern full-on tat - which she loved. I owe many of my creative genes to Blonde Grandma.

I've shown this one rather than my own tree, as Grandma died a few days ago, and I will miss this little over-decorated beast this year, and the next, probably.

Irene Richardson 1915-2008 x

Monday, December 15, 2008

That's the spirit!

Some eagle-eyed chums have already spotted that Inkymole has done the Co-op’s ‘That’s The Spirit!’ Christmas Campaign.

With a TV ad campaign by RSA Films, accompanied by a jaunty Christmas song by Gabriela Cilmi, the campaign includes a charming website which counts down to Christmas one week at a time, and copious amounts of my wonky little stars in-store on shelf edges, wobblers, posters and even sparkling signs. The work was commissioned by Kate Collings at TBWA/Manchester.

I do love Christmas, so seeing my glowing scribbles all over my favourite supermarket (well actually, my ONLY supermarket - I gave up supermarket shopping some years ago) gives me a warm feeling like brandy butter and a too-hot mince pie.

Visit the Co-op Christmas site to see their countdown, or, if you can’t get enough of that Christmas song in the ads, visit the RSA site and watch the lot!

And remember, it's only..

'Snowtrees' Winter Pin Badges

A lot of people have asked if they can get separately the 'Snowtrees' winter pin badges that I'm giving away with each print. Of course you can! I made plenty. They look like this, and have a 10mm genuine Swarovski crystal in the centre of each.

If you want one email me! A quid, including P+P inside the UK, quid fifty outside the UK. Just go to Paypal and do a 'Send Money' to my email address, Or if you're stuck, or are too exhausted from the last-week-before-Christmas work frenzy, email me and I'll sort out the necessaries.

I do love making badges!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Inkymole's first print!

Finally I've done a limited edition screenprint! I've been asked about doing this for ages, and specifically about making this illustration available as a print. Well, finally I've taken the plunge and have 150 hand-finished prints (well actually down to about 130 already) for sale.

They're 12" square (actual print area 8") with a deckle edge on the bottom, and are printed on 250gsm Somerset Radiant White stock, signed and numbered.

They're at a special 'Goodwill To All Men' price of £27 inc. P+P for the UK, and $37 inc. P+P for US buyers (but make sure you order before 10th December if you're in the US), and are delivered in a sturdy tube. I'm throwing in one of my new Christmas Snowflake badges (resplendant with 10mm Swarovski crystal) with every pre-Christmas order.

They do look lovely, and I'm really excited about them!

To order one, email

Hand-finishing in progress.

Close-up showing lovely textured paper.

The finished product.


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