Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We did this manic wall-daubing specially for Christmas in seven hours a few Saturdays ago.
Green paint everywhere, weirdly-morphing stars and red blobs on the floor.
Some banging chunes. More tea than could possibly be healthy.

It's a world away from this, but what we lack in finesse, we make up for with EXUBERANCE.

Happy Christmas everybody and see you on the other side. We're going into deep hibernation!

Merry Christmas from Inkymole! from Sarah Coleman Inkymole on Vimeo

(and if you like frenzied exuberant stop-frame, check this bad boy - Blu is at it again.)

More Mole videos:

Music by www.soundcloud.com/teratogens

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Advent Calendar

My Mum made this advent calendar for me a few years ago, and the moment it came through the door with a ribbon attached to hold it up, all thoughts of a crappy cardboard version disappeared forever.

You've met my Mum before; she cross-stitched the infamous 'Fuck The Past' piece for my 'If A Girl Writes Off The World' exhibition in 2006, together with eight 'skull'n'crossbones' Sage Francis portraits. She contributed two pieces to this year's Secret Members' Show - the cross-stitched penile word search, and the similarly-themed quilt. There is no swearing or genitalia in this piece, though (and I have checked).

I love this because it is so full of life. It bulges and glitters with red, green, cream and gold - which are really the only colours you need for Christmas - and each fabric and motif was hand-selected and turned into pockets or trees accordingly. Inside each of the 24 pockets is a non-dairy dark chocolate shape from our local chocolate makers, D&D, based just down the road. If I want anything chocolate or carob, I can just pop in for a chat and come back armed to the teeth with a bewildering array of goodies. it is custom to offer any guest the day's chocolate, but some of those shapes may actually be pralines - so you'll be very lucky if you actually get one, since I know where they all are, and who says they have to stay in the same pockets till they're eaten?


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