Thursday, September 12, 2019

‘Out To Get You’! Story 12: ‘Neat-o Burrito’

I’m posting one of the original artworks created for 'Out To Get You' every day; that’s one story a day for all 13 stories, plus the extra story that the author Josh wrote as a 'bonus-ball'. You get to see all the gnarly pen-and-ink details close up, which are often not seen when printed in the book!

This is the curiously-names 'Neat-o Burrito'.

Here's an extract:

"And now I know something for sure.

This genie is no good. This genie is trouble.

There's no way I'm making a wish. A lump fills my chest, and I take a few steps back.

     "Do you wish for wealth?" the genie asks. he says it low and kind of threatening.

I don't say anything.

     "Do you wish for fame?" he says.

He wants to destroy me. I can see that."

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies at

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