Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stand and Deliver.

This book, ’The Accidental Highwayman’, was released in the US recently so I am able, after a long (but not untypical) wait, to write about it!

It is the first book by Ben Tripp, who previously worked for Disney and thus is a bit of a dab hand with the ink pen - no pressure there then, ahem. Some of his internal illustrations were already done by the time I started work. You can see them below - they look digital, which if they are is quite marvellous - but the art director Seth fancied a typographic approach.

I did some little thumbnails as I had so many ideas - thumbnails are unusual for me as I normally go in with something a but more resolved - and Seth picked the one he liked.

It was then sketched out in proper detail and approved with a couple of minor changes but went to press almost exactly as I’d drawn it, in one take, ink a combination of dip pens and fineliners. My own pistol, mask and horse (I’m getting good at those considering I am not a horse fan) were substituted with Ben’s, since he did want some of his own input on the cover, but the cover is essentially unaltered.
In the process of researching I of course had to Image Search for ‘hanging’ and ‘lynching’, along with ‘pistols' and 'rearing horses' - not as ‘delete-history-scary’ as some of the things I’ve had to Image Search, mind...

There were plans for two versions of this - night and day as shown here on my final artwork - but I do not know whether these will make it to the shelves!

Here’s an excerpt from the book - which was finally published in red!

Monday, September 08, 2014

The Big Issue.

I daubed the cover of this week's Big Issue, always a decent read. Black felt tips on paper, nothing clever, just lots of references. And done bloody quick too - two days' notice.

Renaissance-man Eddie Izzard is on the front, interviewed about his new role playing the inventor of radar! Spot the SS cufflinks.

Jingle Bells In August!

It was nice to be featured on this get-your-geek-on blog about print called For Print Only, run by the team at Under Consideration.
Having submitted this to the site a few months ago, the timing is odd (Christmas cards in August) but hey - and it scares me to say this - it’ll be here in no time!

It reminded me how beautiful the block was that was created for the foiling - like a giant piece of jewellery.


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