Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Long ago, in a time before colouring in books...

Long before the trend for adult colouring books, there was the original 'colouring for adults' DoodleArt of the early eighties, beautiful big black and white prints supplied in a tube that you coloured in yourself, and aimed at grown-ups.

Littered with flora and fauna, butterflies, animals, skies, grass and fantasy worlds, they were addictive and extremely popular at the time.

The memory of my Mum at the dining room table completely immersed in colouring in was still vivid in my memory when, a few years ago, I made this black and white screen print designed to be coloured in at home. 

I offered a fully printed colour one too, but the B+W ones were more popular. I thought I had long ago sold out of these, but in a recent studio loft tidy up, I unearthed a pile of them.

But what to do with them? We're trying to tidy up and make space for new projects!

So, I'm offering them free to anybody who wants one, for the cost of P+P+P (postage, packing and PayPal fee) only!

£4 UK
£7 everywhere else in the world

If you colour yours in, feel free to post the finished masterpiece on FB, Instagram or Tweet it!

Sent in a sturdy 12" mailer, the print is slightly under 12", on cotton rag paper with a deckle edge, and comes with a large border for framing. They were printed by K2 Screen in London, printers to record labels, recording artists, designers, publishers and illustrators the world over.

Each one is of course signed.

Help me tidy up the studio!


PS: if you want more than one, email me to pay a different way, as the little shop system will charge you postage per print, and I can get more than one in the box!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


I have been more upset than I've let on about the news of Helen Bailey, the children's author, who has been found dead after three months of being missing. I have been thinking about her a lot since a colleague alerted me to her disappearance, wondering where she is.

I didn't know Helen, we never met, but I created her logo and her early Electra Brown book covers, published by Hodder, in 2007. She had a lovely smiling face and her books are delightful. She had received a catastrophic blow in life, but had channelled her grief into creativity via her blog Planet Grief, and gave hope and comfort to countless similarly-bereaved humans.

I just wanted to acknowledge her today. I read some terrible news stories this week; the obvious ones, but also some slightly more under-the-radar stories of women being killed by partners and family members around the world. It sickens me that this still happens, and for a moment I had to shut off the news altogether, as I was boiling with rage that breathtakingly medieval belief systems still exist which allow women to be terminated for daring to live less traditional lives, lives which challenge or are simply different from the traditional paths they were expected to follow. We don't yet know why Helen was killed, we may never, but her death was reported as one of three stories in one day of women killed by men they loved.

Helen's partner has been arrested for her murder. Time will tell if this is the truth, but I am shocked and sad that this should happen, and I am thinking today of women and girls everywhere who have lost their lives at the hands of people they loved and trusted.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Fireworks at Macy's

Happy 4th July!

I was reminded today of my own Macy's poster for their annual pyrotechnic extravaganza, which was created in 2009 and inspired by the 1958 poster. It was also the 400th anniversary of 'Henry Hudson's Discovery'.

The art director Gregory and I worked really hard on this, and having just dug deep into the job file I've found all the pencil sketches and development. I still like them, and you can see the excitement in my work, I think!

It was a fantastic job to do.

You can see it in the collection of other historic posters here. My favourite is 1977!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


As my friend Kellie said to me yesterday, "We know it's Summer because the rain's warm".

This is what happens when you leave inky artwork upstairs in a rainstorm with the roof lights open. I couldn't have created this effect if I'd tried - well, in fact I have been trying, ever since, and I can't seem to recreate what nature did in 5 minutes!

But I will get there.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

So tell us a bit about how you work

I made a quick 'snapshot' of some of my behind the scenes photos, as I'm regularly asked how I make my work.
The answer:
Brain > Paper > Pencil > Pens > Ink...and anywhere else it needs to go from there!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where It Went: Original Artwork en route

About to be united with the author of the book it was made for: original artwork for Midnight Without A Moon, out next year.

I love it when artwork makes its way to its rightful home. My archive has over twenty years' worth of material, so it's lovely when some of it travels away for a better life elsewhere!

They new owners get to see the nuts and bolts of how a piece is made.

More at


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