Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Factory Shop

Working in Factory Road, where factory sales with stacks of ripped boxes of tights, socks and legwarmers are a regular occurrence, we thought it only right to open up the forecourt ourselves and get our merch out on sale.

Who's the 'we'? Well, I've had a shop for a long time, on my exhibition site writeofftheworld.net, but this is a proper stand-alone store which will eventually be reachable from the new inkymole.com site and my other site, factoryroad.net, which I run with my partner in crime.

It's not quite 'bring a binliner and fill it for a fiver', like the tights warehouse across the street, but there are lovely things to be had, with more to come.

Try it out! I'd appreciate your feedback, and reports of any glitches, before it gets properly hooked into the national grid and the queues at the tills are massive.

click: The Factory Shop


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