Thursday, September 05, 2019

'Out To Get You' Story 3: 'Nine Lives'

Today's 'Out To Get You' artwork is...'Nine Lives'!

What happens when a little black cat takes revenge into its own paws?

The nine one-eyed, old, limping, sharp-toothed, clumsy and mean cats were created in pencil and ink, and placed into an A2-sized ink and gouache roadside with the waving corn in the background. We can ascertain that it's around September-October, as the corn is high, and the sky...well, very autumnal (FULL OF RAIN)!

The one staring right us with the bent ear is the star of the story, 'Licorice'. Since this is a story for 8-12 year olds, the cats couldn't be TOO scary or threatening...tempting as that was. And because I have spent my life being Really Bad At Drawing Animals, managing to make nine creatures which actually look like what they're supposed to was a total triumph. (It helped that they were all supposed to be a bit on the wonk - see below.)

Close-ups of the ink work are below - everything's made on A2 and A3 heavyweight white cartridge, and scanned at mega high res for reproduction.

Here's an extract from the story:

"That night, before switching off my light, I peeled back my curtain and peered outside. They were still there, in the front yard, facing my window. 
Only now there were nine of them. one of the new cats had a crooked scar running down its face. All nine looked think and hungry. All nine were broken in some way. 
I remembered what my Mom had said when we'd dumped Licorice.
 Cats have nine lives.
Nine cats. Nine lives. 
And then I remembered what I'd said when we'd dumped Licorice.

You can read all about the book, its author Josh, and where to buy it, at

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