Monday, August 17, 2009

The Most Massivest Inkymole Giveaway Yet

This week is a bumper week! I'm giving away greetings cards, 7" records and CDs, books, posters and prints.

I'm also including items that are still available from the first and second giveaways. We're clearing space for a new studio so these need to go to good homes.

Get in quick if you want anything and remember, I can send stuff anywhere in the world but I'm asking a contribution towards postage if you're outside the UK as I am totally happy to send but it is costing me a small fortune!
- posters are £3 postage
- everything else £1 postage
or SENT FREE if you buy anything £2 or over from my shop - but I'm giving everything away for nowt! Free to good homes - we need some studio space.

Email me directly with your request and address details asap!

All items come with a sheet of Inkymole stickers.

Superstar Quamallah
7" records x 5 copies:
I did the artwork for these and have copies for myself, so these are spare. (Was pleased with the cover but pride demands I point out I didn't do the typesetting on the back...)

Soulsavers album on CD x 7 copies:
I did the hand-written type on this album -
I was meant to get 50 copies with which to do a mail out, but only ten ever arrived. I gave copies to those that wanted them and kept on for myself, so these are spare.

Skullflower Poster - approx. 3ft square x 1 copy only:
This is an inkjet print so isn't lightproof. Was made for an exhibition last year.
Has some slight fading towards the top but otherwise in good nick.

If These Walls Could Talk B+W Poster x 1 copy only:
Approximately 6ft tall by 60mm across
If A Girl Writes Off The World Exhibition Posters
These are high quality A2 inkjet prints created for my shows in London.
Posters come with original flyers and invites from the show too.

x 4 'Welcome/Entrance' posters:
x 2 'Entrance' posters from the NY show:
x 3 'New York' show posters:
These were displayed on the doors of Chelsea Market's gallery space
x 1 'London' show posters:
These were displayed on the doors of Brick Lane's Brickhouse Gallery, London
Greetings Cards - sets:
Please note these don't come with envelopes (the samples were not supplied with them) but they're a standard size.
You can still buy these in some supermarkets in the US!
We'll try to send full sets but we know we have more of some than others.
Princess Diaries 9 - large format copy x 1:
I had a couple of copies of this, gave one to a PD-age friend! They're a good read. One left.
The Wave Runners by Kai Meyer x 1:
One of my favourite book covers ever - I was sent three copies, have kept two for reference on the Inkymole Bookshelf, so this one is free.
High quality glossy print samples - assorted!
Set of all 8 sheets shown. Lots available. Poster-quality prints.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Inkymole Giveaway Part 2

I'm continuing the big clear-out and have some more goodies to send to good homes.

The things I have most copies of are my Contact sheets - full-size, full-colour directory pages from the big Contact books over the last six years or so. Since I get about 1000 of them they rarely all get used up. These might be of particular interest to a school, college or university, since that's who would most often request them when my old site had a Freebie page. Otherwise, they're destined for the paper recycling bin!

They have a poster-ish quality to them, and are about 12" high by 9" wide.

UK free postage, outside the UK a donation of £1 towards postage is welcome (you can use Paypal for this). But please email me first to check the thing you want is still available!

Thanks for helping me clear some space ready for a new studio! I'll be doing another giveaway soon, so keep your beadies on the blog.

Contact Sheets: please say which one(s) you'd like:
Toffee Fudge:

WWAV Rapp Collins:



Fairy Godmother:


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glad to be of service, guv'nor.

My friend Carl Rosati (see some more pictures here.) lifted my spirits tremendously the other day. He sent me a print in the post - a gorgeous new screen print in gold and black, soon to be framed - with a note explaining that he'd recently read my Computer Arts Projects tutorial on vectorising hand-drawn lines (Not only that, he's also written 'please dunt bend' on the packaging. What a gent.)

I was chuffed to discover that someone had actually taken the trouble to a) read it and b) act on it. Furthermore, the bloody thing had made sense. Wow.

A smug old man once said 'those that can't, teach. Those that can, do'. A more enlightened and less sanctimonious old fella recently said, 'those who can, do both'. I might not be hurtling up and down the corridors of universities as much as I used to be, but it's good to know I've still got some tutoring skillz.

Here's a download link to the original article:

And here's more of Carl's magnificent work. Don't you love the beards and the little eyes?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunch (aka 'just a quickie')

I've just put my lunch online. I reckon you should do the same! - brought to you by the snack-lovin' people at Smile.

Dick H099 - of the wall

On Thursday I went to my friend Dick Hogg's solo show 'Of The Wall' at Concrete Hermit off Bethnal Green Road, London.

You will probably know Dick's work already, as for years he worked happily for Airside, so you're bound to recognise his style. This was a collection of his new screenprints and some drawings - but real drawings, ones he describes as working without the 'safety net' of knowing he can make digital corrections later, so they're simply ink on paper.

Dick's work has always charmed me - we have one of his Fembot screenprints framed in outrageous brushed metallic burgundy at home in the hallway-cum-gallery. His work is graceful and considered with clean lines and lots of curves - but looking closer into the pictures on display revealed suggestions of battles, confrontation and rebellion; tiny creatures gathering en masse and marching through the grass, carrying placards toward we don't know what. There's always been more to Dick's work than cute colours and smiley faces, and I hope that was apparent from the show.

Concrete Hermit is a 'snug' venue, and with the apocalyptic rain outside there wasn't the usual escape route of hanging outside, so everyone was huddled sauna-like in the room while poor Dick ran back and forth fetching more apple juice and limes. The gallery's compact but sells a robust range of self-published books and artefacts, overseen by two chatty, affable, smiling people (flying happily in the face of my usual gallery experience of 'sullen arty type' lurking at the back by avoiding eye contact). I met the artist Roger Kelly, Dick's studio chum and lifelong friend (though they're both London-based, we all hail from the same part of Leicestershire). Check his work too - breathtaking. In fact, there were several people there I'd only ever conversed with via email, so putting faces to names was, as always, a delight.

Go and see the show - just like the Chegworth Valley apple juices on offer, it's refreshing and delightful with...a gentle bite to it. And you will want to know how he got the brick wall so perfect.

Dick Hogg's website
Read more about the show, and an interview with Dick

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Inkymole Giveaway: Part 1

I'm having a big clear-out and have lots of things just sitting here performing no useful task whatsoever, So, time it all went to a good home.

I'm starting with books and magazines (oh, and a teatowel). When I'm sent copies of books I've done the covers for, I sometimes get two, three or even more. I only need one to read and keep on my archive shelf, and maybe sometimes I give one to a mate or family member. But these ones are spares. If anyone would like one of these books, I've got a copy of each of these to give away.

UK free postage, outside the UK a donation of £1 towards postage is welcome. (But please email me first to check the book you want is still available!)

Thanks for helping me clear some space ready for a new studio! I'll be doing another giveaway soon, so keep your beadies on the blog.

'Perfume from Provence' published by Summersdale

Read about the book.

'Queen's Hinglish' published by Collins

Read about the book.

'Wave Runners' published by Egmont

Read about the book.

'The Poison Garden' published by Simon and Schuster

Read about the book.

'Princess Diaries 9: To The Nines' (I've got two copies of this) published by Macmillan

Read about the book.

'Beauty and The Beast', Usborne Publishing (tow copies - good for getting in early on a little person's Christmas present)
This is a lovely 10" square hardback children's book - with foiling on the cover!

Read about the book.

Copy of Computer Arts May 09 - has my lettering tutorial in it - 1 copy with CD

Screenprinted cotton teatowel for Lakeland - 1 available


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