Thursday, September 12, 2019

'Out To Get You'! Story 5: ‘The Vanishers’

I’m posting one of the original artworks created for 'Out To Get You' every day; that’s one story a day for all 13 stories, plus the extra story that the author Josh wrote as a 'bonus-ball'. You get to see all the gnarly pen-and-ink details close up, which are often not seen when printed in the book!

‘The Vanishers’ is about best mates Jacob and Jakob (who were based on real-life namesakes!) 

There’s a lot of hidden detail in this one which struggles to be seen in the book - a combination of the limitations of print and the paper used, and not unexpected (this one really needed more contrast - I’ll know next time!) But here are some closeups.

You can buy a copy from 🇬🇧 Blackwell’s, Book Depository or Amazon in the UK
🇺🇸 Indiebound or Amazon in the USA

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies,

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