Thursday, September 12, 2019

'Out To Get You' Story 4:' Sorry, Froggy'

“She’d remove the scalpel, she told herself, when the time was right. She just couldn’t bring herself to leave it I’m the poor frog’s heart forever.

But Brady was a stubborn boy. She closed the supply closet and returned to her seat, where she gently stroked her own half-dissected frog. It would take him days - maybe weeks - to learn his lesson.

The weirdo.”

Of all the stories on the new book by Josh Allen, 'Out To Get You', this is one of my favourites - gory, explicit and with a shocking ending.

Created in ink with a Nikko G nib on paper, and some fineliner, this was a real pleasure to...execute!

I’m posting one of the original artworks created for 'Out To get You' every day; that’s one story a day for all 13 stories, plus the extra story that the author Josh wrote as a 'bonus-ball'. You get to see all the gnarly pen-and-ink details close up, which are often not seen when printed in the book!

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies,

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