Thursday, September 12, 2019

‘Out To Get You’! Story 14: ‘Lumpy, Lumpy’

I’m posting one of the original artworks created for 'Out To Get You' every day; that’s one story a day for all 13 stories - and this is the extra story that the author Josh wrote as a 'bonus-ball'. 

This one was printed in the additional little booklet sent out with pre-order and early copies of the book. You can still get one if you want one - we have about 10 left!

This one was made with pencil, ink and collage, and was posed for me by my friend Sara's daughter Evie, also a fan of the dark and murky who lives just a minute's walk from my house. She stood very still looking appalled at an empty bowl for ten minutes while I flitted around her with a camera.

"If I kept dumping it, the oatmeal would just keep getting nastier and nastier. It would turn completely green and fuzzy, and it would start to seep and smell like the bottom of our garbage bin. 

If I didn’t do something soon, it might even become completely infested with maggots.

So it was time. 

Eat it, I thought, and end it

So I lifted my favorite yellow bowl from the microwave, and slowly, I grabbed a spoon from the drawer."

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies at

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