Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hood up, crack on.

My hoodies are what I rely on to get me through grumpy or stressful patches. If I can go upstairs and get my hoodie, put the hood up and cover my forehead and the back of my bonce like a sullen teenager, I can get through whatever the thing is that's making me feel like a rueful teenager.

The best ones I've ever owned are made by Strange Famous. You have to be comfortable with a bit of a loose fit (think man's hoodie but smaller), but they ARE robust, warm, extremely well made and fluffy inside, with a proper adult-sized cover-your-eyes hood. I designed these for Sage Francis a number of years ago and the white on black design sold out too quickly. Then he made a black-on-grey version, which is my choice for the gym (think zipped up with black vest while I jog on the spot and punch things. Or, grimace through ten minutes on The Grappler which is the reality...)

I'm happy to report that the white-on-black version is back, and looking pretty fine. The lettering was in a style I still do, detailed and time consuming, but this was the first time I'd done it. All the best 'styles' originate with some personal work, I find, which is why you have to do it. This lettering was also blown up into a MASSIVE (15ft x 4ft) banner for our New York exhibition, and then went on tour with Sage after that. I think it resides now on the wall at Strange Famous HQ, along with a selection of other pieces from the whole show time.

I thought you might like to see this in close up, and also have the chance to get a black hoodie before they sell out again. Meantime here's the t-shirt version modelled by Strange Famous's B. Dolan.

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