Monday, June 10, 2013

Coventry Transport Museum visit.

We went to Coventry Transport Museum the other day to look through the normally-closed storage hangar which houses the old and unrestored, under-repair and un-shown vehicles in the museum's collection.

The day was all about the internal combustion engine, and as you might know we're quite into cars. The day started with taking a mate's car to Dynodaze, our vehicle engineers of choice, followed by the museum trip, then Fast and Furious 6 and a terrifying eBay bid on a car at midnight. You know how it is - we'd set our budget, we wanted the car REAL BAD...but so did half a dozen other keeners. Did we get it? Well. One of the cars shown on this blog might be ours. But then again it might not be.

So. A day of petrol and brake horses it was, and I'm happy to report I stuffed my lens with these beauties while I was there. Motors are SUCH a resource for lettering and signage, emblems and beautiful motifs. I do look at cars and absorb the curves, shapes, angles and marques; the bonnet decorations, interior quirks, silly electronics, the lights (eyes), the stance and the attitude, and take it all in. I'm sure it must emerge somewhere creatively but I couldn't cite any traceable examples. I just know I often love what I see roaring past me on the motorway, and a dull car is a terrible wasted opportunity (I'm looking at you, Yaris), as is an ugly one (yeah, 'Fiat Multipla').

Here are some of the gems from the day.

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