Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Can you just make it like this?

Now and again I'll receive, along with the brief, a client sketch of what it is they're after. It's my job to interpret what this is and how they would like the finished thing to look.

Some are so wonderful you wonder why you've even been hired - 'what's wrong with that? Just ink it in', you think to yourself, 'and you're golden'.

Other times, it's - well. They're still wonderful, but for opposite reasons. You know how hard they've tried. You can see the effort. And you can also see WHY they've hired you. I love those. Those are the best ones. They're charming, and have a sort of vulnerability to them as well - they trust you to interpret their scribbles.

It'd be like me being asked to sketch out my own wiring diagram for a new central heating system, or show someone how I'd like my foundations laying with a quick mock-up. I'd have a really good go, but it'd be painful, and the house would fall down if you went with my version.

I've put a couple here for you to enjoy. I've not put the final art with them, as that would just spoil the fun, wouldn't it?

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