Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lady in Red

You might have driven past this lady on a billboard this January - the new Kellogg's girl. I drew her with inks for the latest instalment in the Special K 'What Will You Gain?' campaign, and she's become an inked-in girl rather than a photographic one.

Or rather...she WAS. Although I did the dress which is pretty much the 'hero' (ad-speak) of the piece - by hand using three shades of red ink on paper - this was one of those jobs which started out magnificent but ended up a bit sad, in the 'tears-in-the-eyes' sense, not the sarcastic sense. For I was commissioned to create the girl and dress in one illustration, and I did, via several versions of our K girl - red hair, brown hair, eyes to the side, eyes straight ahead, reds lips, open lips, brown lips, and so on.

The result was this organic-looking thoroughbred beauty with her subtly confident sensual gaze. As is sometimes the way in the world of advertising, despite a bloody behind-the-scenes fist fight, she was scrapped (already three days past the original pre-Christmas deadline) by an unknown but higher-up link in the feedback chain. So my lovely girl was substituted for one formed from a combination of digital brush strokes and photographic features...which is the one you see on the billboards.

The art buyer, creatives and I fought the good fight, and were annoyed of course, but such is the way of advertising. Shit happens, (which is going to be the official title of one of my lectures these days) but thanks to this blog, I'm able to show you the 'proper' version right here!

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Ed said...

I thought this was your work! It was on the billboard between our house and "the shop" for a while, looming nicely.


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