Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shelf Stacker

I went into WHSmith recently to get some bits, some stamps and the like. It looked like I'd been in there and bought off the staff to line up a load of my books - but this is honestly just how I found them, all within a few feet of each other. If I'd been with somebody I'd have laughed my head off, but since I was by myself, I'd have looked like a nutter, so just did what anyone else would have done and iPhoned it.

I've now done over 250 books. I reckon I'm on around 260-something - it seems a lot, but remember I've been doing it a long while! I just rarely get to see so many on sale on one place (apart from the charity shops when everyone's finished with their Louise Bagshawes! Yep...they're all mine...)


bookseller said...

as a bookseller at smiths who loves your work, i like to see if i can guess your covers right!

Sarah J Coleman said...

Thanks! I am not sure whether you work in the same WHS but thank you for commenting - maybe it WAS you who lined them up all so close together after all...! :^D


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