Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colouring in for a living No. 2

I thought I'd got a 'dream job' when Crayola asked me to work for them. (I don't really believe in 'dream jobs' actually, same as 'dream houses' or 'dream holidays', since my 'dream' if I had one was only really to earn a decent crust through drawing, which is where I ended up. Posh clients and status weren't really part of the deal.)

But...I digress. Crayola crayons? Why of course! And could I be paid partly in dosh and partly with goodies? Yes, I could! So I made these covers for their 'Wild Notes' notebooks, on sale only in the US I'm afraid, along with a pretty box to put things in, which as anyone who knows me will know, is exciting, as I'm extremely into compartmentalising and containers. And notebooks, as one glance at my desk will demonstrate.

Here are the covers, available from Target stores and other good toy shops in the USofA. Thanks Fran at Bernstein & Andriulli for posting these over. The Crayola lorry hasn't yet been seen reversing up to the studio's double doors, but there's still time.


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