Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cover to cover.

I do loads of book covers and I added them all up not so long back - it was over 150. I've done more than that now, and since I often do series, I'm guessing it's closer to 170ish.

I can't remember though whether I included the ones which weren't used. Which, as I've said before, does happen. If that's the case, I tend to show the work anyway - it's irrelevant whether it was used, the work was still created! And often I'm quite pleased with it (not always, mind). You can see how much work goes into them - these are still roughs, not even finished artwork.

Here are a few I've done over the last few months. All of these were rejects. One was eventually used on its Singapore edition. All of them I liked! 'Jepp' was the one I was most disappointed by, as I really thought I'd cracked what was quite a tricky subject matter (you'll probably find it on the US Amazon, if you want the synopsis). Sometimes though, a rejected cover can be revisited for a job further down the line, so it's like having an archive of dormant ideas, waiting to be brought back into gainful employment. Or maybe I'll use just a bit of the idea - like an illustration organ donor!

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John Shelley said...

It's always interesting seeing rejected art as often the illustrator's vision is untainted by editorial changes. These are really interesting ideas, I especially like the calligraphy.
I used to do a lot of covers back in the day, it's good to see illustration is still being commissioned!


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