Tuesday, July 03, 2012

'Can I get you another drink sir'?

Yep, we decided to put a pop-up restaurant in our house. For two days. And somehow, it worked.

I got to dress up as a waitress (albeit one with peacock eyelashes) and get into servile mode as our friend Jed - whom you'll have read about before if you read this or the Gallery blog - whipped up the final parts of a four-day cooking extravaganza, bringing his Michelin-starred chefing experience to our little spot in the Midlands.

The full story is here - but here are some pictures. it really was one of the hardest events we've organised *notwithstanding 'When A Girl Writes Off The World' in the middle of a surly Manhattan at five week's notice with no prior experience - but that's another blog entirely, coming later) but we pulled it off. And the food was...

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