Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ask Amy Green.

Last year I swapped women's fiction, which I was doing tons of, for teenagers' and children's books, which I was also doing a lot of but enjoying more (kicked off by the massively enjoyable Lottie Biggs series). It's paid off, as I'm drawing a lot of bright, cheeky covers which involve humour and a light touch, often employing felt tips, and forcing me to draw silly little things which I dread but have to get used to - like DOGS. Rather than trying to draw MEN and SEXY LADIES, which I am both monumentally terrible at.

Amy Green was a series I did last year for Walker Books which is now out on the bookshelves. I didn't have to read these before doing the covers (sometimes I do), but I like the bright and chirpy exteriors. What's nice about these is that a) it's a series (I like the continuity and the opportunity to carry an established look across several covers) and b) they built a website to go with the books. I can even look the other way at the fact they've put musical notes the wrong way round.

Since I didn't read them I can't vouch for how good the stories are, but the books look very appealing lined up together.


I've done a few series since (my first was iconic Princess Diaries Series, many years ago - look at the bottom of the blog) one of which I really got excited about but is not yet published so I'm barred from wanging any jpegs around. But I will. You know me.

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