Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Advice Line.

Bernstein & Andrilli's new publication 'The Best Advice' was a collection of their artists' responses to various bits of long-held advice offered to a group of creatives.

Mine was pretty taxing. Was not being good enough for the railways a good thing? Or a bad thing?  Did it spell the end of your career before it had even begun? Or the release from a life of locomotive drudgery and into a world of drawing and imagining? Either way...regardless of what Wolfgang Heiss might have told him as an A level student, it got Flo Heiss where he is today. I grappled with the picture for some time before despairing, compiling a 'I'm throwing the towel in' email, then deleting it on realising I couldn't possibly give up and go an work on the trains instead. So I eventually cracked it.

Here's the image shown on screen at B&A's launch of the book at Village Underground, London, 26th June. Really good to meet up with Louisa and Aaron, Ben, Stan, Dave, Harriet, Rod and Chris. The book is available through Bernstein and Andriulli.

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