Monday, August 03, 2009

The Inkymole Giveaway: Part 1

I'm having a big clear-out and have lots of things just sitting here performing no useful task whatsoever, So, time it all went to a good home.

I'm starting with books and magazines (oh, and a teatowel). When I'm sent copies of books I've done the covers for, I sometimes get two, three or even more. I only need one to read and keep on my archive shelf, and maybe sometimes I give one to a mate or family member. But these ones are spares. If anyone would like one of these books, I've got a copy of each of these to give away.

UK free postage, outside the UK a donation of £1 towards postage is welcome. (But please email me first to check the book you want is still available!)

Thanks for helping me clear some space ready for a new studio! I'll be doing another giveaway soon, so keep your beadies on the blog.

'Perfume from Provence' published by Summersdale

Read about the book.

'Queen's Hinglish' published by Collins

Read about the book.

'Wave Runners' published by Egmont

Read about the book.

'The Poison Garden' published by Simon and Schuster

Read about the book.

'Princess Diaries 9: To The Nines' (I've got two copies of this) published by Macmillan

Read about the book.

'Beauty and The Beast', Usborne Publishing (tow copies - good for getting in early on a little person's Christmas present)
This is a lovely 10" square hardback children's book - with foiling on the cover!

Read about the book.

Copy of Computer Arts May 09 - has my lettering tutorial in it - 1 copy with CD

Screenprinted cotton teatowel for Lakeland - 1 available


Nathan S. Monk said...

Hey! Smile will take that beautiful teatowl off of your hands (pun intended)!

Hope you're keeping well,


Sarah J Coleman said...

Sorry Nathan, I would love you to have the tea-towel, but I've already promised it to someone else, so I'll send you something else instead!


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