Monday, August 17, 2009

The Most Massivest Inkymole Giveaway Yet

This week is a bumper week! I'm giving away greetings cards, 7" records and CDs, books, posters and prints.

I'm also including items that are still available from the first and second giveaways. We're clearing space for a new studio so these need to go to good homes.

Get in quick if you want anything and remember, I can send stuff anywhere in the world but I'm asking a contribution towards postage if you're outside the UK as I am totally happy to send but it is costing me a small fortune!
- posters are £3 postage
- everything else £1 postage
or SENT FREE if you buy anything £2 or over from my shop - but I'm giving everything away for nowt! Free to good homes - we need some studio space.

Email me directly with your request and address details asap!

All items come with a sheet of Inkymole stickers.

Superstar Quamallah
7" records x 5 copies:
I did the artwork for these and have copies for myself, so these are spare. (Was pleased with the cover but pride demands I point out I didn't do the typesetting on the back...)

Soulsavers album on CD x 7 copies:
I did the hand-written type on this album -
I was meant to get 50 copies with which to do a mail out, but only ten ever arrived. I gave copies to those that wanted them and kept on for myself, so these are spare.

Skullflower Poster - approx. 3ft square x 1 copy only:
This is an inkjet print so isn't lightproof. Was made for an exhibition last year.
Has some slight fading towards the top but otherwise in good nick.

If These Walls Could Talk B+W Poster x 1 copy only:
Approximately 6ft tall by 60mm across
If A Girl Writes Off The World Exhibition Posters
These are high quality A2 inkjet prints created for my shows in London.
Posters come with original flyers and invites from the show too.

x 4 'Welcome/Entrance' posters:
x 2 'Entrance' posters from the NY show:
x 3 'New York' show posters:
These were displayed on the doors of Chelsea Market's gallery space
x 1 'London' show posters:
These were displayed on the doors of Brick Lane's Brickhouse Gallery, London
Greetings Cards - sets:
Please note these don't come with envelopes (the samples were not supplied with them) but they're a standard size.
You can still buy these in some supermarkets in the US!
We'll try to send full sets but we know we have more of some than others.
Princess Diaries 9 - large format copy x 1:
I had a couple of copies of this, gave one to a PD-age friend! They're a good read. One left.
The Wave Runners by Kai Meyer x 1:
One of my favourite book covers ever - I was sent three copies, have kept two for reference on the Inkymole Bookshelf, so this one is free.
High quality glossy print samples - assorted!
Set of all 8 sheets shown. Lots available. Poster-quality prints.

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Peter Underhill said...

Whoops, commented on the wrong post.
Anyway, I think 'Massivest' is a great word.
Unfortunately, despite the fact I'd love to help clear space for your new studio, I can't offer a home to your stuff because I have too much junk of my own and to do so would rob me of what little working space remains in my studio.
I think that's what I said.


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