Friday, April 25, 2014

While we're talking Sage…

My friend Tolaria Sphere Aprihop in the US has been a Mole / Strange Famous Outpost for years, and when he sent me these photographs of this quilt his Mum made him out of his old Strange Famous T Shirts I was well impressed!

Like me, Tollers has a Mum (sorry, a Mom!) in possession of mad skilz on the needles, and here you can see the proper old-fashioned quilting across all of the shirts used in this double quilt. She’s made him a little date tag as well with the remaining scraps of the fabric I had designed and printed for the If A Girl Writes Off The World show in 2006. Excellent!

I think of it keeping Tommie (his real name), his beard and his lass warm at night; Uncle Sage and the extended SFR family keeping the bed bugs and monsters out.

More Inkymole-Turned-Into-A-Quilt action here.

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