Friday, April 25, 2014

A fine palindrome, letter-presssed for Katie Wirsing.

It’s been a musical period indeed. As well as drawing the illustrations for Sage’s Copper Gone album and the art for our own 7” single released last week I did this illustration for US spoken-word poet Katie Wirsing. We’ve only just been able to rub our eyeballs over the finished product and we’re deeply impressed by how beautiful the print is! I’ve been waiting quite a long time to share this.

We know Katie via her place in the extended Sage-based circle of humans, as a compatriot of Buddy Wakefield and Andrea Gibson, Leigh having toured with them a couple of years ago. She asked if I’d do an image for her new album and of course I saw the opportunity for some hardcore pen action and went for it. It’s all nib pen and ink, no fineliners this time. The idea is taken from the title - an exquisite revolver pre-loaded with love, but you have to squeeze the human-heart handle and trigger hard before it’ll fire. And even then, you never know if it’s going to be a Yes or a No. So…are you gonna take the risk and make someone’s day?

The CD cover (no vinyl on this one, though it’d make a fine cover) has been letter-pressed by Stumptown and you can see the wonderful silver and grey prints produced at the same time coming off the Heidelberg here:

Here’s the CD, and below it, the full art and sketch plus some lettering that wasn’t used.

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