Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Look what turned up at my door this morning!

These squidgy and horrifying Hallowe'en toys have been knitted by my Mum in secret for me over the last few weeks, since she knew I wasn't having a Hallowe'en party or going anywhere spooky and would be sad about that. She's a secretive minx that one and her needles are never still! THEY'RE AMAZING!

Look at them. Evil personified!

On the left we have The Zombie, still wearing his doctor's coat, and his (conveniently removable) guts hanging out of his belly. He also has a rotting sore for a knee, and a fleshily peeled arm. He's bleeding from the mouth! (Wouldn't you?)

Ugh, look at the visceral misery of it all!

Then there is The Count himself, replete with cape, fangs and bloodshot eye. But that's not all! He has pants! Actually they all have pants.

His mate Skeleton is a grave-robbing git, look at his damning spade. Why he has a pink hat I am not sure, but he needs it because he is only made of bones. Maggots are crawling out of his eye and his teeth and well, those buggers are pearly but sharp. He carries a rope around his neck for Satan knows what...

...and OH NO! WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE? Drac, where are you?!

Too late.

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