Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Egg Bank

The Drum showed off Silk Pearce's new design for the London Egg Bank yesterday, with logo, lettering lock-up and little illustrations by me. Nice to be featured, and for an unusual client.

I've known Silk Pearce since I was a student - they used to design the strange and wonderful paper swatches and promotional materials for Arjo Wiggins (then Wiggins Teape) with whom I was heavily involved with as a student and for many years afterwards - I won a student competition run by them and they supplied all my papers, becoming supplier to the wedding stationery company I ran from 1997-2004, and I had my very first solo exhibitions at their Covent Garden and Birmingham galleries. I still use their delicious papers today.

It was Silk Pearce's designs which sold those papers to me really. I wanted to work for them, to be magically commissioned one day to produce something delicate and difficult to print. Well, amazingly, they've just broken my record for the length of time between starting to promote to a client and being hired - about 19 years! (Students take note: Persistence and patience!)

Jack Pearce asked me to create these sensitive pieces for the Egg Bank which, as the name implies, is where ladies can go to donate their eggs to other ladies who need them. The tone of voice had to be spot on, and thus the type and logo not too pretty, frivolous nor serious; neither could it look too medical. Quite tricky actually.

Here are some of the outcomes plus a couple of the pieces which along the way were tried, tested and rejected, along with The Drum's article.

I do get a lot of unusual or difficult topics to illustrate - I sometimes feel like the go-to girl for those, having tackled periods, lube, constipation, AIDS and cancer drugs, contraception, alzheimer's, arthritis and bullying - I'm really quite pleased with this new addition to that collection.

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