Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ever-decreasing Circles

This time last year I was watching B. Dolan get married under a bright blue Massachussetts sky. You might have seen his wedding invitation on my website, it's one of my most favourite ever pieces in my entire folio.

This year, I was sitting under a grey English sky drawing a poster for B. Dolan's tour with band Circle Takes The Square. This was a job out of the blue, quite fast. A commission for a friend. 'Do what you do best' he said. I like what emerged. Especially because as I was drawing it, I thought 'this doesn't really look like me'.

The illustration had to reflect and respect the artwork of the band's LP, by the horribly talented Drew Speziale, who  also drew the heart being drilled for oil on Sage Francis' Human The Death Dance LP, which I did the typography for a few years ago.

And as it turned out...Circle Takes The Square is Drew's band. Drew took my illustration and worked with it, altering colours and even chopping bits up - which would normally incense me, but this just looked brilliant. I think I've just had my first accidental collaboration, and I adore the result.

So, if you're in the US and living on the East Coast, coming to a venue near you is this terrifying collection of artistes, their poster preceding them. Here's how it developed. Seems Mr. Dolan has a knack for getting the most out of my pens.

A small collection of Drew Speziale's album artwork:

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