Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not Ready.

I was very unsure about the nearness of it, as with it comes feelings of 'but I haven't done enough', 'but I've only just got used to wearing summer clothes', and 'so much to do before...'

But this year I feel strangely calm about it. This is not to say I am in any way more prepared - everything comes together in time, it always does, but I am Ethelred The Unready when it comes to plotting ahead for things like...Christmas.

But the crispy sour apples are in. The rhubarb is crumbled. The first batch of damsons is giving me their usual joyful bellyache, bought from an unmanned roadside stall for 50p a hundredweight (I put the money into the postbox as instructed).

The Smedley jumper is washed, ironed and on. I'm even wearing a jacket. And the wood-burner is lit.

I'm not panicking, so it must be all right.

Hello Autumn!

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