Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Taken In And Done For.

Recently, in between drawing, trying to sleep, eating, defrosting the freezer, washing and watering various gardens, I've finished reading this - available here.

Our friend and long-term collaborator Ed Garland has published his first book. It's been percolating for some time, but if you've seen the Snowtrees print, our Pendle Witches, or those springtime tote bags, or been to any one of several Factoryroad exhibitions, you'll have met Ed's words before.  He's been part of the gang for so many years we fail to remember how it all came about, but his writing has enriched our processes immeasurably.

Quoth he:
'I've been poking it with a stick for ages and today it finally asked me to leave it alone. A pungent glut of whimsical despair. A king-size bag of peculiar crisps. A lot of blank space and very little action. A series of one-day jobs.
One page of it was adapted from a bit of [my] blog, so I owe you 10p if you feel like that's cheating, but it's woven niftily into the rest of the story, a story so incredibly adequate that after it's over you'll think it was almost worth bothering with.'

And it's a curious read. Don't expect a happy ending, or even a happy beginning - there is neither, though there's a satisfying narrative arc which'll keep you ploughing on to the last page. As long as you're unafraid of seagulls.

He's frequently been the man who makes the words which unlock the pictures.

He wrote these words:

 And these:
 And this one:

This - beautifully succinct, for architect Nigel Axon (who designed Factoryroad HQ):

And he wrote the confession of all of our 13 Pendle Witches. This is only two of them. The rest can be seen here.

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