Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've just painted this little Noise Box Shell for Sam Underwood, who will take the other 9, join them together and make an electronic music machine to play at Supersonic's 10th Anniversary Festival.

First, to say I like electronic music is an understatement. Second, home-made music machines - or machines of any type, actually - appeal to me greatly. Third, I get to draw whatever I fancy. So I did. This one's wearing Dutch lace (I don't know why it's Dutch, it just came out like that). I can't help imagining the others are robustly male. It's electronic music after all. I had to paint it in the enamels that it was sent with, so some of the lines are a bit choddy.

This is how the noise box will look, ish:

The other reason for contributing is that the Capsule Girls, Jenny and Lisa, have been supporters of Inkymole activities for a very long time, and their festival, now internationally highly regarded, is a gem of Midlands curating and programming while being completely unhaunted by bullshit or indie-festy-pomp-fuelled bollocks. We were involved in the earliest Supersonics, as Factoryroad, and so it felt nice to be making a tiny something for its decade anniversary.

Good luck girls! May it be a mental one.

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