Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burns, quilted

I got a phone call from an excited but anxious-sounding lady on Friday, who told me she'd been to the Robert Burns Museum recently. She was so enthralled by the Tam O'Shanter 'Weathervane' walk, which I created the designs for, that she'd returned shortly after to take some photographs. This she did with the intention of making a quilt telling the story.

With its 'January grey' background, Mrs Barbara Dillett of Prestwick has made a fine job of this full-size bed quilt. I know a little bit about quilting as my Mum has done it for many years - you can see her creations in fact on this blog. I know the hours of work and the complexity of cutting shapes and keeping everything ordered.

Mrs Dillett thoughtfully wanted to check she wasn't in trouble for using the illustrations (of course, she wasn't) and also wanted my blessing, which she got wholeheartedly. I understand it's being exhibited somewhere then sold on.

I think she's done a fine job, and the colours are robustly wintery a perfect reminder of our own freezing trip to the Museum on its opening night two years ago.

Mrs Dillett's own pictures are shown along with the weather-vanes in situ, and an original drawing or two. Good eh?

My original blog on the artwork and opening is here.

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Hey, loved this post (and your blog) and I shared it on my Twitter feed. Happy Robbie Burns Day!


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