Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Christmas shopping.

I got stuck into Christmas work in September this year, doing this thoroughly sparkly stuff for Sean and Annie at the fantastically-named Fox Kalomaski Crossing - which sounds either brilliantly made-up, or straight out of Mad Men. Either way, must be great to tell people you work there.

Gloucester Quays is a big shopping centre and as such, its life will revolve around Christmas. I'm not hugely into shopping (only for certain things which may or may not have a MAC logo on them - the eyeliner kind AND the OSX kind) but I did really enjoy doing this outrageously glittery tree and pile of presents, and was charmed by what their animation team did with the Christmas logo I designed for them. I love seeing my normally static work leap into action, especially where it involves tinsel.

If it seems vaguely familiar, FKC were partially inspired by the colours of my Co-op Christmas campaign which ran for three years, and has sadly now come to an end. But clearly, its legacy lives on! You can see the shopping centre itself here.

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