Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Big Christmas archive.

From about September onwards, people start to ask me whether I can do things for Christmas, like illustrations for company or personal christmas cards. Usually, though, the enquiries really start to come in way too late for me to get involved - like a few weeks before Christmas - and I hate to let people down.

So a couple of years ago I gathered together my big lazy archive of Christmas illustrations with the aim of getting them off the dole queue and into gainful employment. The Inkymole Christmas Archive is now live again for Christmas 2011.

You can buy any of these illustrations for any purpose, from a £50 jpeg to a print-ready TIFF to a more involved rights-managed use - whatever you need. Have a look. There is pretty much everything in there from all-over patterns to US-style 'Holiday' cards to the very traditional.

If you want a really easy option just for Christmas cards, you can also buy pre-printed sets of Inkymole cards from - there are several new Ready Made sets to choose from.

I know how hard it is to get my own Christmas things organised, and I've got a tiny shopping list and no massive family to cook for - so hopefully these will give a few people one less thing to stress about!

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