Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Great Inkymole Giveaway Part 4.

Every time I complete a book cover, I wait a few months then get a copy of the book in the post, as it's important I get to see the finished result. Since I've done over 150 books, this is starting to create something of a hefty pile.

Now I do seem to have done a lot of chick-lit. You know...beach reads, girly fiction, romantic heroes, affairs and happy endings...bestsellers, but not my cup of tea. So although I like the covers, the poor things have sat unread on my shelves for months, and I've decided to give them away to people who would like to read them!

If you want any of the titles below, it's yours for a donation of £1 minimum to Mind which as you may know is Inkymole's supported charity. I'll cover the postage! You can have one book or several, but it's first come first served! You can always 'Amazon' something if you're not sure. And since holidays are coming up, it's a good time to pack some serious brain-off reading matter for the sun lounger/train/plane/back of the car.

So, email me (sarah (at) inkymole (dot) com) if you want anything! It's all got to go. And there'll be more where this came from!

There's a list after the photo!

Louise Bagshawe:
The Devil You Know
A Kept Woman
Career Girls
Tall Poppies
Monday's Child
Tuesday's Child

Adele Parks
Love Lies

Chris Manby:
Marrying for Money (hardback)
Marrying for Money (paperback)
Girl Meets Ape
Second Prize
Getting Personal
Deep Heat

Jessica Fox:
Gard To Get
Always The Bride
(Mccmillan's 'Little Black Dress' series)

Sophie Kinsella
Remember Me? (hardback)

Heather McElhatton
Pretty Little Mistakes

Neris and India's Idiot Proof Cookbook

Kristin Harmel
Italian for Beginners

Some children's books:
Princess Diaries 9 (I have two copies - 11-14)
Cathy Hopkins' Zodiac Girls (young teens)
Oxford University Press Maths Trackers 'Dance Fever'
(teaching counting using dancers and dancing!)
Collins' Big Cat series - Percy and The rabbit, illustrated by Nick Butterworth

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