Wednesday, July 20, 2011

11 book covers.

I was interviewed by Computer Arts a couple of months ago and I was asked what I was working on at the time. I couldn't remember what I'd said, so when I read the interview back recently it was a shock to read my answer was

'two ad campaigns, some point-of-sale for Crabtree & Evelyn, a logo and 11 book covers'.

Hmm. That would explain why my holiday was welcomed with such wide open arms and strained eye sockets, then.

But actually, that's really not an uncommon scenario. I'm grateful of course, all busy freelancers are, but there are times when the work flies out so fast you genuinely can't remember what you've done. Here, in the name of remembering that period, is a round-up of some* of 'The Holiday Eleven' - those covers which were all jostling for position in the weeks before I disappeared for a gratefully-received rest!

*some can't be brazenly waved around in public yet, since I've not had the 'final word'!

'Boys for Beginners', for Quercus - this one's gone into my file of 'favourites ever'! Mainly because Debbie, the art director, loved the felt pen look and just went with the flow.
(looks even better in miniature on Amazon's site, for some reason!)
Working on the follow-up as I write.

'A Month Of Sundays' for Macmillan, USA. I like a bit of drama, can you tell?

'The Memory of Blood' - the latest in the Bryant & May series, all of which I've done covers for.
Above is the published version - but I prefer the version I first sent in, this one: fact, the VERY first version is my favourite...if a little dark:

'Booze for Free', for Transworld. Looking forward to making these!

'Unraveling Isobel', for Simon & Schuster, USA. Inspired by this self-promotion illustration from my website!

'The Blue Sword', for Fanucci, Italy. I love non-English titles, they challenge my brain/pen architecture. (At the same time as this, I did a Polish version of a cover I originally did in English a couple of years ago.) This one's a proper 'fantasy' story! Swirling long hair, medievel dresses, swords...brilliant.

Finally, three titles for the New York Times' crossword series, all done in felt-tip pen.
For some reason I've been asked to do a lot of cake lately. I'm doing one now, in fact...
I love the wobbly warts'n'all quality of these - it's not that often an art director embraces that - see Boys for Beginners, above.

Particularly pleased with my ice cream on this one!

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