Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkward Subjects.

As I'm sure I've told you before, I get all the good stuff. I've done constipation, contraceptives, lube, deodorant, AIDS drugs and medical apparatus; this is the latest.

Kotex, the mammoth 'ladies' things' brand, have built a lively website aimed at reassuring young girls that their period is normal, safe and above all, to be endured for most of the rest of their lives! It has a section on 'Myths vs Facts' - something I'd probably have found useful aged 11+ along with 'Opening Lines', a series of illustrated suggestions on how to get those 'awkward questions' answered. The internet...well, it's an amazing thing - I can only imagine the turmoil and fretting which might have been avoided if such a thing had been around decades ago!

There were 15 illustrations plus backgrounds, all drawn in fine-liner and pen'n'ink.

The website is here, but here are a couple of screengrabs. They've animated the illustrations - check out the anxious girl convinced 'everyone will know'!

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Emma Crabtree said...

If ONLY this had been around in our day!! It would have avoided the little white lie I told to the boys in junior school... "What were you talking about with Mrs. Jones?" "Spiders". How lame! How 10 yr old girl. xx


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