Friday, April 09, 2010

Never mind that, we're all about to be turned into one giant pixel.

Remember I said I love looking at things that make me feel dim? Sort of the 'must-try-harder' syndrome?
Well this one's a 100% organic-prime-beef example.

Made by French director Patrick Jean, this scales up all those bleepy munch-munch sounds of 80s video games and shoves them in the direction of New York, where they proceed to invade the city. There can, of course, be only one conclusion.

Soundtrack here by our man in Berlin, Bazooka, of Aural Carnage Records and Sub-Carnage Records, whose second 12" 'Knowledge and Wisdom' we re-released because we loved it so much.

It's great to see such a perfect hook-up of sound and vision.



Peter Underhill said...
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Peter Underhill said...

Great little film. Thanks for sharing it.


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