Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My First Ever Jobs. No. 1 In A Series: Cliff.

This is a series I hoped to start ages ago. But I was so busy doing my 'Most Recent Ever Jobs' that I've not, till now.

This is the first job I did for a commercial client. I was not even a full term into my second year at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and was on a self-directed work placement at a design company in the Midlands. I had to design Cliff Richard's tour shirts, and even then, my 'skill' for typography and its commercial application was recognised, as I was asked to do Cliff's signature. Since I had no idea how Cliff signs his cheques - and I told them so - they just said 'oh that doesn't matter, just fudge it.' So I did. The red insignia is meant to be a C and an R...more like a G, or the bottom half of a treble clef I think, but they loved it, and it sold in thousands on his tour.

This one's up for grabs as the ongoing space-clearing continues. It's a Large. Surprisingly, never worn. Anyone a closet Cliff fan, or know someone who is? Hey woah come on now, easy! Not all of you at once!

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