Sunday, February 07, 2016

Me and Coke: Part 2!

So fast forward from 2006 to nine years later and I’m drawing for Coke again - this time, a very clever campaign which took the Tweets of selected lady Diet Coke drinkers, and turned them into physical objects sent as gifts to them Tweeters themselves, under the hashtag ‘ReTweetsOfLove’.
They had no idea they were going to receive them!

They took the form of T shirts, pads, ice sculptures, PARK sculptures, jewellery and prints, even a digital display in Times Square.

I did 7, with one was cancelled; a necklace, which would have made a fiiiine piece of work but is posted here anyway, as me and the art director did a lot of work on it so it deserves an airing!

Here’s my poster, from sketches to completion. The Tweeter’s name and original quote had to go in verbatim (which meant including any strange grammar or punctuation issues - sorting that one out was an interesting discussion for a grammar perfectionist!)

Then there was the iPhone case:

A T shirt:

Two notepads (sent to writers!):

And then the best bit, my own Coke can!

And here is the necklace which SO NEARLY made it…technical issues with the fineness of my calligraphy meant that they used a font in the end, and chunked it up a bit so it could be made quickly with fewer technical concerns, but here is the set of four necklaces designed to be worn together, on my ‘borrowed’ décolletage (sorry lady whoever you are!)

The necklace gave me a right old taste for 3D printing though, so this isn’t the last you’ll hear of THAT!

Thanks Bernstein & Andriulli Coke, Droga5 and Fast Horse for a great job, and nice to have a solid collection of pieces.

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