Sunday, February 07, 2016

Me and Coke: Part 1!

I’m about to post some ads I did for Diet Coke recently, and I suddenly remembered while prepping the files that I’ve worked for Coke before. These pieces are not in my folio as one was a ‘below the line’ thing for internal use, and the other wasn’t used - the product they were going to launch never was! Here are some of the pieces from those jobs.

You can tell how old they are as the line quality is very specifically from a certain era, but I like them a lot - they have a particular cheeky/crude energy. That machine thing with the scientists is bonkers. I miss drawing this way, all action, no pencil sketch, no micro-art-directing!

Also - interesting, look at the comparison of the Head with a job I did nine years later for The LA Times - they’ve never seen this piece as it has never been featured in a folio, but there’s a lot of similarity.

Bet you can’t guess what new drink they were considering going into…? Red…green…white...

Nice to observe the energy and quality in these, though I really didn’t have a very good scanner at the time. I drew a car, and it doesn’t look like it would instantly crash!
This was all to do with chilling’ with your cup of...

Then there was this, an internal set of illustrations about the design development process. That type!

Finally, here’s the head I did for the same job, again about developing ideas, and the one for LA Times years later. You can see that I was trying to get to grips with Illustrator at the time, so I offered them both an Illustrator version and a Photoshop-from-drawing one - I was never sure which I preferred (probably the ink) and I don’t know which one they chose in the end!

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