Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Season of Good Will.

The last job I did in 2014 was this front cover for the Washington Post’s Capital Business magazine. A simple enough theme (how to donate if you’re a company), the brief was for bright, eye catching ans seasonal type without specific reference to ‘Christmas’.

In the grip of The Lurgy, I made this rough against all the odds (they were lucky they didn’t get an abstract composition of a few smears of ink on a sheet of paper, highlighted with Vicks Vapor Rub and and a couple of Kleenex) which I was really feeling, having given it what I’d hoped was a 50s-style American Village Noticeboard feel:

Alas the art director’s suggestions of tinsel, lights, poinsettia and holly were sacrificed in the name of a more generic and less denominational look, but the snow flakes and presents lived to see another day. Here’s the finished piece, all done in ‘one-take’, with coloured inks on paper.

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