Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Copper Mine.

We received this monster stash today from the Strange Famous HQ: all of the things that have been printed for Sage’s tour (halfway through, UK leg commencing October) and copies of the long-awaited album itself. It came in three boxes over three days and each one was scalpelled open with a child-like grin of excitement.

I’m particularly impressed by the sensitivity with which the delicate lines of the illustrations have reproduced on the tiny CD version, and the impact of the SAGE FRANCIS writ large over the t shirts. Careful printing has meant that even on the meaty hoodies, the detail of the little house and things like the riveted album title haven’t suffered - these things mean a lot when you’ve grafted on the minutiae of a thing.

Turn your eyeballs too to the copper and verdigris-coloured vinyl, which changes with each side (no two will be the same). The blue cassette tape is a triumph (one’s gone in our tape-only automobile) and the sparkling, presumably accidental show-through of a little silver on the CD itself makes for real glittery impact. And who DOESN’T wish for a pile of golden round stickers? All brought together in the experienced hands of Irena Mihalinec, Strange Famous’ in-house designer, who brought coherence and consistency to a wide range of difficult-to-design-for objects!

Sage is, to coin an oft-abused phrase, at the 'top of his game’ - lazy shorthand really for someone who’s spent long enough in a business to know how to give value and earn the love - and this is an artillery of connected, considered pieces which demonstrate that: the core product itself, with the extravagant coloured vinyl that ALL buyers deserve, the supporting items for tour sales, the give-aways and the add-ons. All must work together coherently, and the fewest amount of compromises should be made on quality when people are spending their hard-earned, whether after the gig or making a solitary album investment. Watch, and learn!

I’m looking forward to the UK tour, when I get to see all the audio jump to life on stage. Gulp.

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