Saturday, February 01, 2014

What Happened Tomorrow After We Drew It.

As a follow-up to the story of Central Illustration’s birthday celebrations with AMV BBDO and the Museum of Childhood, here’s what happened next!

You may remember this Autumn event involved me and other CIA artists drawing live at the behest of assorted children, whose visions of The Future had been fed to us a few days before, but which were art directed live on the day. Mine was called Rex and he was four. Alongside that, other CIA artists had created pre-made illustrations for their 'future visions’, which decorated the walls of the Museum at the same time. You can read the original blog here:

Well, contrary to what was anticipated (a next-day takedown), all of the live-drawn start remained in situ and is still there now for people to walk past and engage with. They were also turned into posters placed around various media sites across London, with no list of whose work went where - all we knew was that our work was out there somewhere! I put a Facebook call out however for any city-based chums to keep their eyeballs open, and astonishingly, it was found within the hour AND round the corner from our mate’s house in East Dulwich! Here it is:

Following that, CIA made a calendar of all of the images and posted it out to all the artists and clients and parents of the participating children:

I’m November.

And Creative Review made the event the subject of their December Monograph, the little supplements that go out to all subscribers to the print mag. It featured every piece of artwork, and since CR is harder to get into than Hogwarts, this represents a RESULT.

(And that is the sultry paw of Ben, who organised the whole thing with Charlotte at CIA. The same hand is also rather good at baking, it is rumoured).

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