Friday, January 31, 2014

To Stitch A Mockingbird.

While hunting around online recently after someone alerted to me to prints of my Mockingbird cover being sold ‘elsewhere’, I found this.

Kristin H aka Sewtechnicolour is a US-based needlesmith, and she had stitched a version of my cover! How could I not get in touch with her? On bouncing around her blog a bit it became apparent we both share a love of books and book covers - her blog is littered with them along with myriad creations in beautiful fabrics and yarns. She picks covers she likes and uses its colours to inspire a new piece of work - nice - and in fact her first blog of 2014 is her list of ‘most-anticipated books’, together with a patchwork of their covers. She writes well too.

Oh and she loves British TV series - I really think we should be friends! In real life our chances are slim, for now I’m happy to make her acquaintance online!

Here’s what she did with my cover. How nice to be ‘re-interpreted’ again!

And, you must go to her blog!

1 comment:

Moonofsilver said...

wow, thats beautiful, and so detailed!


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